Retrain by Rubcn

Retrain is a proposed reinterpretation of the waste with the aim of creating lasting and valuable objects, minimizing the environmental impact of the final product. The main idea is to rethink forms and functions, materials and processes, customs and traditions, ideas and concepts… trying to find a new way to develop and design all the objects, often recalling how we did it long time ago. It is about changing our mentality, about opening it for a chance to learn and educate ourselves in harmony with our environment.

The objects here shown are almost 100% made of paper. The study of reuse paper has made possible to develop structures that can behave like wood. Likewise, if the paper is braided, it can behave as wicker or emulate other materials.

Atomo Stool - Taburete atomo - 02
Present Table - Mesa Present - 02
Sofi Chair - Silla Sofi - 03

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Nan Whetstone via Facebook
Nan Whetstone via Facebook

super cool

Nan Whetstone via Facebook
Nan Whetstone via Facebook

I just like the fact that, unlike a lot of things showcased on this website, these things are actually useful and attractive.


Amazing piece of work

Beatriz Susana Sandes

En vez de pintura forre dos sillones hamacas el año pasado con tiras de revistas y luego los barnice.

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