How To Reuse Old And Damaged Furniture

While organizing and arranging a warehouse or a garage sale, you will surely find forgotten furniture, with worn or missing parts. Before disposal, see some ideas to reuse them by cutting them in … half! :)

  1. A small table that’s missing a foot, if cut in half and mounted on the wall turns into bedside table for your bedroom.
  2. or to a mini-console that can be placed in a corridor …
  3. and if you combine it with an old door, a shelf or mirror or hooks, you can create a piece of furniture for the entrance …
  4. Saving smaller parts of the furniture you can create original shelves.
  5. The idea can also be applied with new furniture that you are bored and want to decorate to give them a new use … A chair mounted on a wall could be used as a hanger or a stool cut in two becomes a decorative shelf for bathroom …




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Absolutely adore these ideas! I’m particularly in love with the combination of the side table and the old door. Looks stunning! Now to convince the hubby that there’s a perfectly good reason I’m dragging a tattered door into the house ;)

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