Seagull, Recycled Wine Barrel Stave Into Kitchen Island Light

Seagull provides the perfect kitchen light solution, even over extra long kitchen islands, or oblong dining tables.

Seagull’s oak staves are stained in natural oak color on the outside, while the underside still shows the vibrant reddish color left by the wine previously held in the barrel, creating a beautiful two tones effect. The stunning redness given by the wine is enhanced when the piece is lit.

The staves’ ends are smoothened to add softness to the silhouette, but still show the original groove of each barrel’s plank. The chrome hardware elements perfectly complement the look of this piece. Seagull comes complete of a matching canopy, custom crafted to match the light fixture, also made with recycled wine barrel oak, finished in the same color as the fixture.

Seagull can be included as an extraordinary and unique piece of home or winery decor, integrated into any style of interior design from the rustic to the more mod and contemporary.


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