by Katy Elliot

Sliced Wood Into a Beautiful Garden Wood Path

Sliced Wood Into a Beautiful Garden Wood Path 1 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas

Sliced Wood Into a Beautiful Garden Wood Path 2 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas

Katy Elliott spotted these at a flower show but they would make a great do-it-yourself garden project. Arranged in groups they can make broader outdoor patio surfaces and define gathering spaces while creating an array makes for an easy stepping-stone style path through existing greenery.

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Calum Hunter via Facebook
Calum Hunter via Facebook

very ‘zen’.

Audrey-Anne Ross via Facebook
Audrey-Anne Ross via Facebook


Sandy Brown Zumbro via Facebook
Sandy Brown Zumbro via Facebook

LOVE it, but it probably wouldn’t be worth the effort in Fla. Termites, etc. would turn it into sawdust in no time.

Beverley Cox via Facebook

Does anyone know if they are set in anything, or sealed.????? I love it may do some in back yard.

Corinne Mesarotti via Facebook
Corinne Mesarotti via Facebook

Super joli ! quelle bonne idée !

Judea Nieuwenhuijzen via Facebook
Judea Nieuwenhuijzen via Facebook

how long would it last?

Warren A Fitzgerald via Facebook

Cut thickly enough it would make a great floor if one had the patience…

Loreta Pižika via Facebook

Judea Nieuwenhuijzen we have one like this made of oak, it lasts for ~ 7years now. Every year we remove grass and kind of mushrooms growing between little blocks, and last year we filled spaces between blocks with sand.


What can we put ion our wood slice path so it doesn’t become so slippery/slimy in the rainy season??? Any answers out there? Mine become so dangerously slippery you can’t walk on them. I could use some suggestions. I live in the Pacific NW where we get lots of rain. Thanks. By the way I love my path! Cindy ~

Andi K
Andi K
Reply to  Cindy

What about applying something similar to Thompson’s WaterSeal, and while still wet, do a light sprinkling of play sand? Once it is dry, it should offer up a bit of “grit” to keep your footing. Just thinking here… There are also spray can-style sealants one could use *after* sprinkling the sand.

Don't Toss It via Facebook

Really cool – love it.

Oakwood Soaperie via Facebook

This inspired a bit in my garden too, planted up with chamomile and lavender in the gaps, surrounded by Honeysuckle and Jasmine, it provides the ‘floor’ of my new fragrant seating area I made last summer :)

Kerry Jordan via Facebook

dont they rot? and who do you hire to cut them? :-)

Mark Houston
Mark Houston

A power miter saw or other power saws would do the trick. Perhaps you have a neighbor or someone in your circle of friends or even a facebook plea my come up with someone to help cut them. I live in Oregon and untreated wood rots fast here. I am intrigued with this idea and I would try using a sealer such as Thompson Water Sealer, which is clear, or a semi-transparent deck stain. The stain runs about $30-40 a gallon, Thompson s is cheaper. Your local hardware store could help you and should be willing to inform you about… Read more »

Shirley Moose Filer via Facebook
Shirley Moose Filer via Facebook

Now I need a wood slicer.

Norlan Izquierdo

and you can do it on the inside!

Jon Kelsey

looks great!

Laurence Foucaud

Super !

Jon Kelsey

Very nice!

Sophie I. Gagnon

C’est ce j’aimerais !!

Debbie Kelley

Beautiful floor

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