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Snail Teapot Cosy Patterns

Anke Klempner has designed those supra cute snail patterns for your teapots to make them look like a snail! I love all of them! :)

Patterns are available on the Ravelry website!

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Ninna M Dugin
Ninna M Dugin


Bernie Wilson

Lol love these!!!

Laura Jean

Love these time to learn to nit

Jane Bell

Brilliant! X

AstrAl McNicholl

Gail Kirchmann thought of you! … Always think of you when I see a tea cosy!

Sarah Verdich

Deborah Barwick :) these ones are knitted, but I recon u could do crochet ones!!

Irene Van Wijhe

hahahaha kijk Thessa Wolthuis

Erin Hislop

Mary Dagley McGourty- hee hee, yessssd

Gail Kirchmann

This has made my day!

Cheryl Wallace

How cute would love to knit these!


super cute!

Melanie Le Maistre

Holly Evans and Jane Burns thought this would make you smile xx

Tamara Cornell

Angiy Michael (this has u all over it me finks)

Angiy Michael

Oh wow !!!!! :-D

Lisa Figueroa

Love these, I can’t crochet…is there anyplace I can buy them?

Andrea Hurt

Sarah Charing Wil Villareal ❤️

Monica Moriyasu

Love them:)

Jo Taylor

Abigail Barlow

Tess Langworthy

Tenielle Howard its turbo!!

Tenielle Howard

White Shadow! Tess Langworthy

Abigail Barlow

SO GOOD Jo Taylor

Amity Che

Aawwhhh! So cute… I want one <3

Laura Learmonth

Stuff N Stuff

Stuff N Stuff


Aivy Morigann


Madison Jost

I now feel the need for a tea pot! How about you Kari?

Tamantha Gilfoyle

Love ’em! Very cute.

Malisah Carl

Martha Brummitt, these are awesome!

Simone Swanepoel

One of the best things I have ever seen :D


Teapot in snail costume! Fabulous!

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