Tower of 30,000 Books

Tower of 30,000 Books 1 • Recycled Art

The UNESCO has named Buenos Aires the 2011 World Book Capital. To honor the occasion, Argentinian artist Marta Minujin has built an 82 foot Tower of Babel from more than 30,000 books written in dozen of languages. Artdaily has a comprehensive post detailing the project.

Tower of 30,000 Books 2 • Recycled Art

Tower of 30,000 Books 3 • Recycled Art

Tower of 30,000 Books 4 • Recycled Art

Tower of 30,000 Books 5 • Recycled Art

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Lisa Renee via Facebook
Lisa Renee via Facebook

I thought it was an actual structure utilizing some of the millions of books filling our landfills.

Justin Typowriter via Facebook
Justin Typowriter via Facebook


Upcycling via Facebook
Upcycling via Facebook

impressive, how did they count them?

Peprina Qasam via Facebook

What a lively library!!

Elizabeth Heavrin

Deborah Callahan – another use for your books.

Deborah Callahan

That’s cool, Elizabeth Heavrin.

Pewag Morris

Could fit on four Kindles


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