Stylish Pallet Wood Shelf Idea Into Useful Coat Racks

Check out this beautiful, rustic, Stylish Pallet Wood Shelf! This coat rack also has spacing between each plank to let the wall color pop through, which is kind of cool.

First, find a pallet and break it down. Next, pick out a few planks you like and sand them down to the smoothness you want. Stain or paint the boards any way you want, and let dry. See this helpful article on how to stain pallet wood. Lightly sand to create a weathered effect! You can either glue them together side-by-side or mount wood strips across the back to hold them together.  Install your favorite coat hooks, a sturdy wall hanger (or two!), and put it up in a handy place to keep your home neat and organized with a custom style!

Stylish Pallet Wood Shelf1
Stylish Pallet Wood Shelf2
Stylish Pallet Wood Shelf3

Gorgeous! And useful! For more handy ideas, check out this Magnetic Storage Rack!

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