“Sunrise” Garden Sculpture

Garden sculpture in its own right, Sunrise may be used as a summer potted plant stand or winter bird feeder.

A sculpture 8 months in the making, Sunrise sat for weeks even months before I’d look and even work at it again and again. I need to do something radical, something fresh and out of my comfort zone.

Disassembling each of the naturally rusted elements, they were ground clean then set aside on the floor. It wasn’t until that dirty job was completed did I realize the pieces laying there, with a little tweaking, took the very form you see.

Up until now, all my sculptures took on a patina finish. Let’s add color – oh how original. With a rust preventative undercoat, I began experimenting by tinting cans of Rustoleum until I finally came up with this deep pastel yellow.

"Sunrise" Garden Sculpture 1 • Recycling Metal


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