“Sunrise” Garden Sculpture

By rbk

Garden sculpture in its own right, Sunrise may be used as a summer potted plant stand or winter bird feeder. A sculpture 8 months in the making, Sunrise sat for […]

Cartasia-lucca Biennale: Architectural Structure Made of Recycled Cardboard

By Neokentin

A “greener” future, in which recycled paper and cardboard are used not only to create art, but also to build habitable structures. Is this really possible?
The promoters of Cartasia – Lucca Biennale (in Lucca until September 27th) certainly believe so and with the presentation of the architectural structure built by students and professors from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Tongji (Shanghai) symbolically launched a new section of the biennial, which will be developed over the next editions: a section entirely dedicated to architecture, studies, research and projects that see paper and cardboard as protagonists of new housing solutions.

Top 10 Container Houses Seen On Houzz

By Neokentin

Each is different from the other and just by having a look at them, you will feel like dwelling in them. Here is a list of the topmost container houses […]

Exclusive Collage House Developed from Recycled Doors and Windows

By Neokentin

In the Indian city of Mumbai, there are a huge number of informal settlements, which in fact, subtly provide great lessons in resourcefulness, multi-tasking, adaptability, ingenuity, and resourcefulness. This mammoth […]

Tiny Apartment Features Big Upcycled Interior Design Ideas

By Transfodesign

Check out how we optimized the space of a small loft (26m2) and turned it into a fully functional home furnished with pieces entirely made from reused, recyclable or sustainable sourced natural materials.

Modern Minimal Office Design With Repurposed Pallets

By styleitchic.blogspot.com

During the last years, the biggest trend in home decoration and design is to recycle and reuse old and often useless or heterogeneous materials in any form. In Amsterdam, the […]

Easy Ways To Update Any Staircase

By styleitchic.blogspot.com

The stairs are a key architectural feature and can add design and style to any space… Let’s take a look at some special design staircases, to inspire you to update […]

Upcycled Furniture For An Apartment In Barcelona

By Transfodesign

We were hired by the real-estate agency Casc Antic to design and produce the furniture for one of their apartments. To meet the modern industrial look they asked for, we […]

Diy: From Stone To Stool

By Neodim

The Symbio Stool – 100% Biodegradable Designer: Felix Ruder From idea to furniture “What happens to the world without us?” is a title of a book written by Alan Weisman. […]

Dutch Mountain House From Krft Is Recovering Old Things Brought From Everywhere

By Neodim

Dutch Mountain is a home for a young family, in which the natural context was the start for a hyper-sustainable, semi-underground house. By buying the house in an artificial mountain, […]

Vintage Windmill Wings Repurposed as a Decor

By Neodim

These icons are becoming rare when driving across the USA, so if they pull at your heartstrings too, better snap it up when you run across one for sale.  Their sculptural […]

Crazy Cool and Ingenius Earth-ships

By a piece of rainbow

Hobbit Houses! Actually, they are Earthships! An earth-ship is an unique type of house which grows food, produces energy, cleans water, moderates temperature, and turns trash into treasure! Have you […]

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