by Patti Robinson

Sweater Turns into a Potholder

I have found memories of making those loopy potholders and still have my loom. The sleeve of this felted wool sweater and noticed that the sleeves would make colorful loops just the right size. Perfect for taking a budget-friendly casserole out of the oven.

Sweater Turns into a Potholder 1 • Clothing



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Dalva Bordados via Facebook
Dalva Bordados via Facebook
Linda Kinnaman via Facebook
Linda Kinnaman via Facebook

Good memories this brings back. What a wonderful idea and use of materials.

Lori Francis
Lori Francis

I take old sweaters and make them into mittens for the schools in my area, a friend also does the same thing but she lines her’s with fleece so they are much warmer.

Dori Lilly
Dori Lilly

I used the front and back of a sweater for re-covering the seats of some wooden chairs I got for free. You’re Ingenious! I can make matching potholders from the sleeves.

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