T1 Handmade Led Lamp from Recycled Materials

T1 — is a hand-made, energy efficient unique desktop LED lamp. T1 is made using 80% of recycled materials.Our Artzavod team has created a unique desktop LED lamp — T1. It is a hand-made, energy efficient and portable gadget.Its simple and elegant design allows you to use it at the office, home or on the go. We would like to launch its production using recycled materials that will help us protect the environment. Our target is also to make it affordable.
The lamp is made using 80% of recycled materials. And it is a handmade product! We used the newest generation LEDs to provide 520 Lumens of brightness using only 2 Watts of power! T1 is our 1st LED project; the development process took 6 months. It was an exciting period full of interesting experiments and testing in our search for the effectiveness, ergonomics, functionality, and the most important – ecological efficiency. T1 is designed considering all of these factors.The extra effective bright diodes let it charge not only from the AC outlet but from a USB port as well. You can use it with a personal laptop on the go! The power cord is held with a leather buckle, which makes the packaging simple and elegant. It is got a unique minimalistic design, which allows the consumer to take it apart and put it back together without any additional tools in 2 easy steps!
The other surprising feature is a wooden USB connector. It is a pleasure to touch, no more nasty plastic!
Power cord comes in 4 different colors: green, turquoise, red and yellow. Even though its body is made of wood, 80% of it was taken from recycled waste that used to be burned before. Acrylic details that we used to laser cut, were also taken from a factory waste.
The packaging tube of T1 is nothing but the tube, which was used before as a wrapping material in a printing factory in our city and was thrown away. We can’t waste resources any more. This is why the mission was to increase the usage of recycled materials! We take pride in the fact that we help to protect the environment.

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