by Hildee Ryan

Table Centerpieces Made Out Of 1000 Recycled Water Bottles

We made 15 table centerpieces for Keep Rockland Beautiful’s annual Gala using 1000 recycled plastic water bottles. For 5 tables, the bottoms of the bottles were strung together and hot glued to a base made of tennis ball canisters to evoke waterfalls. The table below held lily pads made from juice bottles and a beta fish in a Talenti Gelato jar. Another 5 tables had “Chihuly” like sculptures made using the tops of the bottles…decorated with simple designs, cut and tied together with blue plan made from newspaper bags. The last 5 tables evoked earth’s water with the large circular dryer sheet orbs (stencil spray painted in blue) and beautiful water bottle flowers scattered around. Hung in the windows were water bottle spheres made by stapling cut bottles together. All were lit using battery operated fairy lights. The honorees boutonnieres were made from the bottoms of water bottles. Lastly, Doris created an awesome blue bottle lamp from a tomato cage and dark blue water bottles.






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