Lights from Kitchen & Household Items

Ideas made with objects found in a kitchen & household that can be transformed into stunning lighting …

  • LIGHTS OF BOTTLES: Many colored bottles with wire placed around a bulb, creating this wonderfully unusual arrangement with zero cost! If you loved the colored glass, cut glass bottles with acetone (!) and create the chandeliers by following the instructions to make the suspension.
  • LIGHTS MADE FROM METAL BOWLS: These lights are inexpensive and can be made by you, from decorative metal bowl that you could find in a variety of designs and prices on the market! More alternative uses for metal baskets can be found here.
  • AGITATORS: Select metal agitators who handle them space to pass the cable, and place them in a metal or wooden rod, creating a modern lighting for the kitchen or dining room …




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Love it!!
But where can I find that glorious table?! Must have!!!!

Voisin Didier

Pour recycler vos cadavres Ludovic Trouillot Vanessa Trouillot Peroz ??

Vanessa Trouillot Peroz
Reply to  Voisin Didier

Voisin Didier ha ben on peut alimenter le village nous ???

Voisin Didier
Reply to  Voisin Didier

Vanessa Trouillot Peroz vendez les autres luminaires oui

Ludovic Trouillot
Reply to  Voisin Didier

C est par soiree ca ?

Voisin Didier
Reply to  Voisin Didier

Ludovic Trouillot un business à prendre

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