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From Plastics to Swan

By Neokentin

Assemblage work re-using plastics and found objects by WireWorks.

Let's Dance by Day4art

By Neokentin

From the WireWorks series.

Joyous Spring - Trash Art

By Neokentin

Assemblage made from altered doll parts and lots of salvaged “junk”…mustard jar, electronic parts, old hose, a car part, and wood scraps. Measures approximately 8″ wide x 5” deep x […]

Diversion of Tea Balls

By gille monte ruici

One day perhaps, you will be tired of having to prepare your tea by using your ball in stainless steel, and will decide to opt for the purchase of your […]

The Carnival Discardia

By Neokentin

For much of the past year I have been working on a series of found object assemblage artworks based on carnival scenes. These art pieces are made almost entirely from […]

Wall Lamps From Recycled Materials

By gille monte ruici

Here are lamps composed 100 % of recycled materials. They consist of stretchable of wall mirror fixed to an mess iron tin. Easy to do!

Recycled Skeletton

By gille monte ruici

Here is a new sculpture, not in excellent health. The recycled skeleton is composed by: A lid of cooking cut with holders of gas by way of eyes for the […]

Robot Lamp Made with a Recycled Fire Extinguisher

By gille monte ruici

It would be a pity to get rid of this fire extinguisher. Completed by a support, 2 outer rear-view mirrors and articulated bright arms, this lamp robot offers him a […]

Magnobots - Interactive Robot Assemblage Sculptures

By Neokentin

Interactive Robot Sculpture by Duke Dolan and Will Wagenaar. MAGNOBOTS are the latest in interactive sculpture technology, specially crafted to increase the delight ratio in high level mammals, such as […]

A Recycled Toaster Robot Lamp

By gille monte ruici

How a toaster emptied of its mechanism is transformed into a robot lamp. The head is a distributor of liquid soap, arms are handles. In the end, a kind of […]

Industrial Lamp Pipe

By gille monte ruici

This lamp consists of old recycled pipes of plumbing, what gives her a sight so particular.

Suspension Lamp The Snake

By gille monte ruici

Since February 9th, we are in the Chinese year of the snake. Here is a suspension lamp named “The Snake”. The lamp consist of metalling piping of washbasin. In the […]

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