Robot Assemblage Sculpture Night Lights

By Neokentin

If you don’t find me at auto and marine salvage yards, scrap metal yards, military surplus shops, construction site dumpsters, yard sales, swap meets, etc… then I will be in […]

Janus Headed Puppet

By Neokentin

As an artist I work primarily to transform found and recycled objects into puppets and small theatre like settings that recall ancient mythology and folktales. The Janus headed puppet takes […]

Cuckoo Clock

By Neokentin

I always wanted a great cuckoo clock. But couldn’t find one to my taste. So I decided to make one myself. I used a napkin holder as base and used […]

Road Shark

By Bill Thomson

How about recycling road signs into your favorite critter! The ‘ROAD SHARK’ by Bill Thomson, is the latest in a series of recycled ‘fish themed’ works created by this Burnaby, […]

My Little Love Box

By Neokentin

Assemblage art made by Mike Bennion !

Animals in the Discarded Wild

By Neokentin

My name is Scott Rolfe and I turn found objects into a variety of assemblage animals. Old Venetian blind boxes, a food chopper, strainer parts, washers, and plastic jewelry all […]

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