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By Neokentin

“As a self-taught assemblagist/sculptor, I create vibrant and provocative works of art from the products of mans throw-away culture. I search for commonplace discarded objects and discover unique resources containing […]

Buttons Art

By Neokentin

This button art is in a clock which has had the hands and guts removed. the outside of the clock is silver. A wide variety of diffent styles, shapes, colors […]

Man of Steel

By gille monte ruici

Here is a recycled skeleton made with: kitchenware, ice-cube tray, crowbar with roast, painting pistol, chopper, table mat, spatula, open end spanner, and stretchable mechanism of mirror. His posture is […]

A Recycled Star

By gille monte ruici

I arranged old metallic meters of which I didn’t know what to do. Finally the light appeared to me in the form of a star. By making two holes and […]

Recycled Trash Quilt

By Neokentin

Items in this frame are: toys, kids cake toppings, broken cable cord, buttons, bottle and jars lids, burnt lamps, rusted metal hardware, plastic and discarded jewelry, aluminum foil, plastic bottle, […]

Junkart Objects by Derek Scholte

By Neokentin

Derek Scholte create objects with materials that other people regard junk. Things found on the streets, vintage objects from flea markets and scrubby little shops. He loves vintage, antique stuff […]

Lamps Robots Assemblage

By gille monte ruici

Here is a new series of creations: The lamps robots. They are constituted by an aluminum gourd, mobile lamps, as well as kitchenware, washbasin siphon and thread stalks.

Amazing Robots Made by Daphné Burge

By Neokentin

Created from vintage metal tins !

I-division: Used Cd's Assemblage

By Neokentin

This is an artwork assembled of an old window frame found in the trash, wire and lots of used CD’s. I use recycled materials and found objects in my work […]

Déjà Vu Art and Fine Craft Show

By Neokentin

Since the first Earth Day in 1970, I’ve been encouraging people, especially kids, to reuse and recycle materials to create art and crafts. Seven years ago, our county’s recycling educator […]

Oink, the Piggy Bank

By Neokentin

1Unik creates handcrafted, one-of-a-kind stuff, all out of recycled – unusual – transformed materials. Among it there is furniture, homeware and lamps, and the rather eclectic ‘Trash Family’: a collection […]

Robot Assemblage Sculpture Night Lights

By Neokentin

If you don’t find me at auto and marine salvage yards, scrap metal yards, military surplus shops, construction site dumpsters, yard sales, swap meets, etc… then I will be in […]

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