Upcycled Robot Maker

By gille monte ruici

I assemble figures, basically robots, only utilizing reused scrap metal parts. I discover materials in junk jars, in the road, or in recycled exchanges. My methodology gives these pieces a […]

My New Upcycling Sculptures

By Neokentin

He is always experimenting on art field. At first, he was making musical instruments from different items, and then he began to sculpt. Firstly, he was making dolls (robots) for […]

Tutorial: Make Your Own Reused Tin Robot Easily

By gille monte ruici

A lower cost, without special technical, without welding, you can do it! .You just have to recover two oyster forks. It will be armed. In this case, the door handles […]

I’m Not Like That Anymore

By Neokentin

I made this entirely from repurposed materials.

Abstract Assemblages Made From Flotsam & Found Objects

By Neokentin

These are small sculptures that I’ve assembled in the summer of 2014. They’re mainly made from baltic sea flotsam and found objects from a trip to the german islands of […]

After Yellow Cabs, the Yellow Bots !

By gille monte ruici

Candies Lajaunie (licorice) are a french specialty. The small round yellow box which contains them is easy to identify. We can say that it’s practically a part of the French […]

Bob and John from Recycled Kitchen Wares

By Bill Thomson

Two old friends, Bob and John, having a little chat!! Recycled kitchen wares and found objects to capture the essence of these characters.

Merlot Meteor & The Saw Blade Saturn

By Randy Morris

We Drink a lot of Coffee up here in the Great North Wet, and a bit of Merlot also. So, what do we do with the empties? We use our […]

Assemblage of Junk Art

By GregPDX

I created a body of assemblage work during my art residency at the Metro Transfer Station (Portland, OR)…a local program that sends artists out to the “city dump” for several […]

Ode to Recycling

By Neokentin

Simple assemblages made from bits of plastic and vintage frames.

Recycled Tea Rex

By Neokentin

The Tea Rex is a custom built flying machine and rough terrain vehicle; ably piloted by Jenkins, designed and built by me with some help from Jenkins. It takes a […]

Assemblage of Junk Robots

By gille monte ruici

Metal Boxes are interesting because we can reuse them by diverting them from their first usage. Often, by discovering the shape of the box, I imagine at once a person […]

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