by Elaine Jung

Beer and Wine Bottles Transformed into Glassware

Australian Product designer Glenn Goodison handcrafts drinking glasses, vases, and planters from used beer and wine bottles in Berlin, Germany. At the helm of his small, upcycling business Half-Glassed, Goodison hand-cuts, sands, and polishes carefully selected bottles for everyday, household use. Half-Glassed’s range of products makes a perfect purchase for the environmentally conscious consumer.




Learn how to cut glass bottles and do your own beer and wine glasses!

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Maxine Holder
Maxine Holder

I’ve actually made myself the herb planters as a little home DIY project. They are very cool. The mint grows well.

Stemless Wine Glass
Stemless Wine Glass

Using your creativity and imagination, you can make several things like this hand made glassware. Using recycled beer and wine bottles, you can transform it into glassware and these are good examples.

Angelo Smila
Angelo Smila


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