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From Trash to Treasure

By Neokentin

Artist Patric Rozario was contacted by the Environment Department of The Pearl-Qatar to create an art installation using plastic bottles and bottle caps. He took on this project to create […]

Recycled Condiment Cups and Water Bottle Cap Mini Dolls

By Neokentin

As part of my blog’s countdown to Earth Day Craft Challenge I recycled plastic condiment cups and plastic water bottle caps to create adorable miniature dolls.

Pixel31: Used Bottle Cap Pictures

By Neokentin

The artist person is working under the pseudonym Triple-R, he uses in his work recycled materials. He has specialized on pictures made from used bottles lids. The foundation is based […]

Drinky Dress

By Neokentin

Dress made by me from shade cloth and ring pulls from soda cans. Necklace made from ring pulls and beer bottle caps.

Upcycled Coffee Capsules Lamp

By Neokentin

Lamp made with Dolce Gusto Coffee Capsules.

Beer Caps Lamp / Lampara Tapas

By Neokentin

Lamp made with recycled with beer caps. Lampara con tapas de cerveza.

Tappobag – The Original Bottle Caps Bag

By Neokentin

TappoBag are made from recycled bottle caps and other recycled materials. We collect waste materials and turn them into one-of-kind and limited edition products. Our bags are completely hand crafted, […]

Bottle Caps Portrait

By Neokentin

Chicago artist Mary Ellen Croteau collected recycled plastic bottle caps to tile, layer and juxtapose each cap in order to create a self-portrait mosaic titled “CLOSE“. An amazing work ! From […]

Can Caps Hat

By Neokentin

A hat made with cans caps, a beautiful and practical way to recycle these horrible garbage’s. Made whit LOVE :)

Creating Your Own Home Decor With Recycled Materials

By Neodim

Whether you pride yourself on being crafty or are just another urban outfitters shopping trying to get the look, you want it. Vintage, handmade, anything unique is in high demand. […]

Recycled Idea: Nespresso Capsules Clutch

By Neokentin

I am an avid recycler as well as a lover of coffee. I love my Nespresso machine, but I felt guilty because of the waste it produced. Nespresso chose to […]

Bottle Cap Star Fish

By Neokentin

The idea for this starfish came from the bright and vibrant bottle tops of Newcastle Brown Ale!

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