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Nespresso Bracelet

By Neokentin

Bracelets made ​​of flattened coffee capsules, available in many color configurations.

Bottle Caps Heart

By Neokentin

Simple heart created with plastic bottle caps and tape !

Diy: Lego Lens Cap Holder

By Neokentin

For the photographers that read us, here’s a simple trick to not lose your lens cap when not attached to the front of the lens: using LEGO pieces! By attaching […]

Nespresso Capsules Into Flower Shape Brooches

By Neokentin

Nespresso brooches in a flower shape – a great idea for recycling the coffee capsules and make them look beautiful :)

Plastic Bottle Caps Christmas Tree

By Neokentin

Red and white bottle caps form this 5-foot Christmas tree. At night, a green light bulb gives it a festive glow.

House Made Of 30,000 Recycled Plastic Bottle Caps

By Neodim

Far away in the remote village of Kamarchaga, located in the Siberian Taiga, Russian pensioner Olga Kostina has decorated her wooden home with colorful patterns and images made from over […]

Christmas Decoration Made ​​from Recycled Nespresso Coffee Capsules

By Craft and Fun

Christmas decoration made from recycled Nespresso coffee capsules, the blog, is in Italian, but each project is accompanied by detailed photo tutorial.

Necklace Pull Tabs

By Neokentin

57 cans later!..

Plastic Bottle Cap Sign

By Neokentin

Kids from several schools in Tijuana donated these plastic caps that were used to make the sign in the Children´s Reading Room in the Tijuana Cultural Center.

Minutie – Inspiration Steampunk

By Neokentin

Capsules cans and bottle, pearls, broken jewels, parts mechanism watches…Sticking without solvent.

Bottle Top Bathroom Curtain

By Neokentin

Bottle tops make great features in windows, doorways and as divisions- they also make a great sound when moved! More ideas on our facebook site Rustig: lights*furniture*decor

Bottle Cap Table

By Neokentin

Diferent bottle caps stick with a strong glue on the side of the table, the caps on the midle of the table are not stick so you can change the […]

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