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Nespresso Capsules Ring

By Neokentin

Ring realized from worn capsules Nespresso as well as from diverse recycled elements. Karteko is a workshop(studio) of ecological Design. I realize furniture and objects with salvaged materials there for […]

Black Fin

By Neokentin

Another bottle cap fish from Whitesnapper.com. ‘Black Fin’ uses a black, white and green colour combination, measures approx 4 feet long and will be on display at The Margate Harbour […]

Caps Recycled Art

By Neokentin

I found a lot of caps all around my kitchen … do you pay attention and how many things we have and throw it out ! With a lot of […]

Red Snapper

By Neokentin

This 3D fish is made from hundreds and hundreds of bottle tops. Inspired by a decade of living in Africa where ‘junk’ is recreated into fantastic art pieces, this one […]

Diy: Upcycled Perfume Caps into Coat Hook

By Ohoh blog

Make an original coat hook recycling old perfume caps.

What to Do with Milk Bottle Caps ?

By Neokentin

I like to re-use different kinds of daily objects. One of them is milk bottle caps. I create designs ( mix of photos, drawings, sculptures…) with my computer and these little […]

Recycled Buttons Made from Bottle Caps and Pull Tabs

By Neokentin

These Recycle Buttons are made from caps from beer or juice bottles, and at the back side a safety pin is attached with the help of a pull tab (such […]

Bottle Caps and Meter-ribbon Jewels

By Neokentin

My jewels creations are made only made of recycled materials (bottles caps, meter-ribbon…).

Tree of Caps

By Neokentin

For couple of year, we had facing our restaurant a tree, a beautiful tree, unfortunately around the tree was a massif whole, where cigarettes buts and cans where pilling up, […]

La Jambière : Coffee Caps and Cardboard Lamp

By Neokentin

From all kinds of recycled materials, I give them a second life! Among other things, I create jewelry, bags and lamps from coffee capsules. I protected these models because they […]

Handpainted Bottle Caps Jewelry

By Neokentin

All handmade from recycled bottle caps (Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings & Pins), Emotion creations are funky and different.

Crown Cap Neckless

By Neokentin

Kron’n’Roll Neckless made by NiArt out of Crown Caps, damaged Cables and Innertubes.

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