Wine Box Lamp

By eco-lodie

This lamp was made out of an upcycled old wine wood box. The lamp can be hanged by the wire as a pendant lamp or be transformed into a table […]

Amazing Giant Robot Out Of Empty Cosmetic Boxes

By cyberigs

It’s hard to bin something so beautiful, but inevitably this is where most end up! So when my partner who worked in the industry came home with a few, I puzzled over this problem, determined to find them the afterlife they deserve.

Turn Chopsticks Into Little Boxes

By Maya Rodriguez

Turn Chopsticks Into Little Boxes? Why not? I made this little box from chopsticks because the curves and length of the chopsticks all seem to go so well together. In the […]

Ammunition Box Into Sewing Machine Table

By Neokentin

This table was made by mounting a tank ammunition box on an old Singer sewing machine base.

Converting Broken Water Passes Into Toolboxes

By Waldemar Sha

A little project on reincarnating cheap broken aluminum water passes into useful cases for workshop stuff.

Magazine Storage Solution

By mmpotter59

Solving a storage solution with everyday items.

Tutorial: Make Your Own Reused Tin Robot Easily

By gille monte ruici

A lower cost, without special technical, without welding, you can do it! .You just have to recover two oyster forks. It will be armed. In this case, the door handles […]

Three Circles As Hanging: Rolling Magazines Paper

By Neokentin

I made a hanging for my round box. All the materials are paper. I put 3 paper circles for best results and looking for some original detail in my handicraft […]

Cardboard Road

By Stef

Why toss a cardboard box when you can turn it into a fun toy for your kids? I made a colorful cardboard road in just three easy steps and so can you.

Ottomans & Storage Boxes Made From Recycled Wood

By lesurfurniture

Lesurfurniture use reclaimed wood that would normally be sent to landfill sites to be burnt or buried. The wood is then carefully handcrafted into bespoke window seats, log storage, ottomans […]

Grocery Store From Upcycled Packaging Boxes


I created a small grocery store from repurposed empty foods, products of goods boxes, attached with hot glue and clear tapes, its is divided into 15 parts to be install together which make it easy to ship/transport for display.

Decorative Keepsake Box

By UrbanVeggie

A repurposed, upcycled, wooden box has been handcrafted into an original art piece for the home. Each box is unique; no two look alike. The posted photos show a design […]

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