Camera Jewelry Created Using Old Broken Photog Equipment!

By Neokentin

Ever really break open a camera and look inside? You will find many, many different sizes and shapes of parts that are all connected together. The early camera has the most parts and NO electronics. It takes time to separate all the parts, but this is where the fun begins.

Diy Techlaration

By Soikkeli

It’s easy to forget existing surveillance cameras after you have seen them. It feels natural. But when the camera looks like something you have used to be relaxing and soothing element it turns into an annoying element.

Mister Click


Upcycled character made from a vintage camera.

Let The Light Pass Through

By Bafouille

The ceiling lamp become the base, the tape becomes the camera, and the capture becomes projection. The funnel on the fool’s head obscures a lightbulb always illuminated by scrolling ideas.

Recycled Mattress Foam Camera Bag

By Ronja Lotte

Turn a bag into a stylish camera bag with old mattress foam and some fabric.

Vintage Mail Sorter Makeover

By Neokentin

I turned an old school mail sorter into a storage shelf for my camera collection. I spent under $20 on the paint and wood shelf!

Cambots: Robots from Camera Parts

By Neokentin

I make robot sculptures out of old digital camera parts.

Camera Strap Made out of an Old Car Safety Belt

By Neokentin

Trendy Camera Strap, i.e. an innovative system for carrying your reflex cameras with you, this newly-designed strap uses car safety belts as primary material and thus provides and ultimate system […]


By Neokentin

Robotschko puppet made of parts of an old Pentax camera and a cassette. A short film was made this little upcycled puppet by Art by Chance for Ultra Short Film Festival […]

Drap Art Recycled

By Neokentin

Lamps made with different elements such as water thermos, irons, mixers or cameras.

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