by Sharon Deveaux

Camera Jewelry Created Using Old Broken Photog Equipment!

I make my Camera Jewelry by disassembling old, outdated, and broken cameras. I select any piece that I find visually exciting and use them to make my upcycled jewelry.

Have an old, broken, or outdated camera? Turn it into outstanding Camera Jewelry!

First, disassemble old, broken cameras and sort the parts by their type: type: gears, rings, by color, prisms, silver parts, etc. Then I select engaging pieces and combine them with other elements until I get a composition that satisfies me. The final stage is gluing the parts together. Because the parts are different metals and sometimes glass, I cannot solder or weld the parts together. To date, I have made pendants, earrings, rings, magnetic pieces and other non-jewelry items. If you don’t want to create any yourself, you can check out my Etsy site too!

Camera Jewelry can be made from virtually any interesting part of a camera that you like!
Even the rings and buttons for the settings make unique and visually appealing jewelry pieces.
Honor the past of photographic history with these upcycled Camera Jewelry pieces.
These pieces of jewelry made from old cameras are the perfect gift for the photography fan in your family!
Camera Jewelry can be made from virtually any piece of the camera, including the old lenses.
Even the old lenses make extraordinarily cool jewelry pieces like this lens pendant.
This piece of Camera Jewelry is made from a gear set.
Don’t be afraid to use any part of a camera that catches your eye. Even the innards – the gears, springs and such, make exquisite jewelry pieces.
If it catches your eye, use it! This set of springs and levers is gorgeous, and hows the art of engineering in a pendant Camera Jewelry piece.
If it catches your eye, use it! This set of springs and levers is gorgeous, and hows the art of engineering in a pendant. This is a way to create your own “steampunk” jewelry while honoring a field of art you or a family member is passionate about.
Make Camera Jewelry using any single piece of the camera you like.
Gears, strap hooks, and any other type of camera piece you like can be turned into stylish art pieces! The only thing you may have to buy: a few bits of jewelry findings, such as the earring hooks, jump rings, etc.

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