Wind Turbine (5 Feets) Made with Cans and Other Wastes

By Neokentin

I have built this 5 feets (1,5 meters) high wind turbine and have named it « Second Souffle II », because this machine is working with the wind and is […]

Recycled Cans Art

By Neokentin

Different recycled cans come together to create this Kenyan shield. Kenyan Mixed media artists created this collage to mark Kenya’s 50 years of independence in 2013.

Recycled Brushstrokes

By Neokentin

Mosaic like art created by cutting aluminum cans and nailing to a piece of wood.

Upcycled Clips Jewelry and Fashion Accessories

By Neokentin

Jewelry, fashion accessories and home decor made with upcycled clips cans. Nature or crocheted with colored cotton and then embellished with beads of all kinds. Réalisation de bijoux, accessoires de […]

Great White Shark

By Neokentin

3.5 m great white shark sculpted out of an old table base, swivel chair, discarded building materials and collected tin cans.

Diy: Make a Photo Frame from Upcycled Tuna Cans

By yonolotiraria

Tuna cans and washi tape recycled into photo frames!

Can Caps Hat

By Neokentin

A hat made with cans caps, a beautiful and practical way to recycle these horrible garbage’s. Made whit LOVE :)

Luke Skywalker Spaceship and Aircrafts Made from Beer Cans

By Neokentin

Cans was first used to make simple aircrafts. The “Star Wars – Luke Skywalker’s spaceship” was done following a challenge. :) Sörösdobozokból készitettem elöször repülőgépeket. A star wars–ból luke skywalker […]

Recycled Tin Cans Sculptures

By Neokentin

Totem sculptures made with recycled tin cans!

Can Fish Brooch

By Neokentin

I made this brooch using a drink can, some buttons and a cord.

Photography on Old Rusty Cans

By Neokentin

The “Conversations with History” is a  project by American photographer David Emitt. David uses old rusty cans collected in the desert of Arizona as support for his wet collodion photographs (Collodion Process). David also add […]

Repurposed Can Beer Holder

By Neodim

Funny way to upcycled old cans into beer holders :)

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