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Cans Characters

By Neokentin

Small characters created with recycled and customized empty cans !

Yes I Can!

By Neokentin

Recycled cans, bottle caps, construction debris & salvage, wire hangers, old hardware, and anything else I can make use of.

Bubblebugzzz: Rings for Insect Lovers...

By Neokentin

The insects I made of recycled nespresso coffee capsules, a few years ago caught the eye of a jewelry designer. The BubbleBugZzz rings were born from this encounter … The […]

Crushed Can Art

By Neokentin

Crushed Can Art is made from recycled soda and beer cans, then hand painted and framed.

Diy Bird Feeders

By Neokentin

A nice DIY tutorial that you can do with kids. Reuse old cans and convert them to nice and colored bird feeders ! All you will  need for this project […]

1759 Knucklehead

By Neokentin

My interpretation of a Harley Davidson Knucklehead motorbike. It is made almost exclusively from used guinness cans and their ringpulls.

Lustre Bouquet of Cans

By Neokentin

I carve flowers from cans of cokes. I then assembled with coils of copper wire (salvaged from broken robots mixers) on a shade structure to make a big bouquet.

Diy: Candle Holder With Sea Glass

By Neokentin

Candle holder made with upcycled sea glass.

White Cans Shelves

By Neokentin

Perfect for an original home décoration, upcycle some cans, paint them in white, arrange them on your wall as you want and voila!

Table Lamps

By Neokentin

Table lamps made out of tins & plastic tops and more tins…made by Elli D and Jannie Uitlander.

Can Stilts: For Your Childhood Memories

By Neodim

This scene totally speaks childhood memories to me. My dad made us kids tin can stilt and wooden stilts, and we had a pogo stick…all of which made for hours […]

Milk Can Stool

By Neokentin

Stool made from a bottle of milk collected in an old barn and with a seat in OSB.

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