Candle Light From Upcycled Old Cans

By Neodim

Hand made candle light designs made from old cans. Dog food, soup, vegetable, coffee, it’s all re-usable. I came with this idea because many of these cans are not being […]

Els Homes Llauna / The Tin Man

By Neodim

Men made with recycled cans, wire, nails, buttons and…………………………a lot of imagination! :)

Soda Can Pop Tabs + Polymer Clay = Little Dolls Jewelry

By Neodim

Upcycled tabs from soda or tin cans are transformed by Clafoutine, a french crafter, to make adorable dolls she transforms into jewels. The mix between the waste and the polymer clay really […]

Pop Art

By Neokentin

I go to the recycle center and make a with drawl instead of a deposit. Using pop and beer cans I create pictures of birds, flowers and fish.

Recycled Sardine Can Into Kalimba

By andrew

This instrument is made in an oval shaped sardine can. It’s sound calms soothes and comforts the soul. The can just resonate back the sound of the notes so strongly […]

Recycled Jeans & Cans … Multipurpose

By Neokentin

Recycled cans and jeans, so practical :)

Soda Cans 1930’s Pick-up

By Opensources

The association Open Sources is transforming a 2012 truck into a 1930’s American pick-up. This project was done for the dance biennale of Lyon. A social and ethic project realized […]

Arte Com Latinhas De Alumínio / Cans Art

By deivisesp

Você sabe o que pode ser feito com as latinhas vazias de cerveja, sucos e refrigerantes? O artista japonês Makaon, armado com muita paciência e habilidade, transforma latinhas de alumínio […]

Intuitive Art of Joanna Whitney

By intuitiveart

I make all my artwork with found and recycled materials…

Recycled Aluminum Can – Angel Wings Wall Art

By Sara Ramsey

Slightly Dangerous, but very beautiful Wall Art. These Angel Wings are not for wearing. The site has pictorial tutorial for the construction of these. Recycle those cans without driving to […]

Up in Smoke

By Evans Ngure

I have used recycled beverage cans, hundreds of cigarette butts and scrap metal in this collage aims to raise awareness towards the terminal dangers of smoking tobacco.

The Thought: Recycled Cans Portrait

By Evans Ngure

I love using beverage cans due to their bright versatility in colour and attractiveness. This portrait is done entirely from recycled beverage cans depicting Kenya founding father the late Mzee […]

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