Most Original & Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Cars

While the USA alone throws away 240 million tires every year, over one million cars are scrapped in the UK yearly. Given these statistics, just think about how repurposing old cars will help you as well as the environment. Here are some cool and creative ways to reuse different parts of old cars.

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Car Furniture

You can beautify your home or office in a wonderful way through repurposing cars as beds, sofas or tables. This would fulfill your dream if you always wished to have your own uniquely designed furniture. There are a few companies such as ‘Cabinet-Car’ whom you can contact for turning your car into the furniture of your choice.

Chick Magnet

This idea is actually the brainchild of the French artist Benedetto Bufalino, who created a chicken coop out of an old police car. But even if you are not an artist, you can easily do this, with some pieces of chicken wire or lumbar, and adding in a bit of imagination.

Most Original & Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Cars 3 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas

Wheel Rim Fire Pit

Truck or tractor tires will make a big fire rim, but you can always create a small one with car rims from a normal-sized vehicle. An open-air grill is ready to warm up some delicious barbeque if you place a grate over the top. Just tailor it to your requirements and get going!

Most Original & Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Cars 5 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas

Car Office Desk

Now, this might seem somewhat strange but it is wonderfully innovative! How about a front desk made out of the frontal car part in your office? It not only seems artistic but is also a great eye-catcher!

Most Original & Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Cars 7 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas

Extra Shelf Place

Another awesome idea is to use the passenger cabin of your old car as shelves to hold knick-knacks and books. The engine can be removed and a chunk of the roof cut out while converting the truck into a cabinet.

Most Original & Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Cars 9 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas


This is yet another innovative idea. In fact, you can use all the spaces available in your car as flower beds. You can keep them anywhere, in your garden or even at a corner of your living room.

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Mohammed Ridwan Ali Khan
Mohammed Ridwan Ali Khan

i love it especilly the 69 ford mustang

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