Diy Yarn-mache Pet Igloo For Dogs & Cats!

By Neokentin

Use up those old skeins and balls of yarn and transform them into an adorable Yarn-Mache Pet Igloo for cats or dogs! Skip the chemical-laden commercial glues and use a […]

Upcycled Rain Gutter Shelf Stores Kitties / Chats De Gouttières

By sylvie

We built this Upcycled Rain Gutter initially as a sun-drenched place to put our plants during the winter. However, we’ve found that it makes an excellent place to store those […]

Kiki’s Delivery Service Jiji Cat Plush Out of a Sock

By Kurofujoshi365

I was inspired to make this plush out of love for the movie Kiki’s Delivery Service. This plush did not take me very long to make nor did I use any patterns. I made this out of an old thigh high sock that I had lost the other side too. To make use of it instead of throwing it out, I decided to utilize it, and freehandedly try to make this plush. This is my first DIY tutorial so pardon if there are aspects of a tutorial I am missing, or if there are any details I lack. Please enjoy, and feel free to use this tutorial for any other plush that follows a similar structure.

The Trouble With Cats & The Making Of A Pickle Juice Chair

By Upcycled Design Lab

Would you ever consider recovering your furniture with twine, pickle juice, and gelatin? No? Well, I probably wouldn’t have thought of it either if it hadn’t been for my cats.

The Cat

By sophie marsham

This sculpture is made of found metal and wood and includes an old shower head and shoe trees. It is mounted in a glass fronted box and lined with underfloor […]

How to Make Pet Toys from Recycled Materials

By Neokentin

Not only are pets these great creatures that inhabit our homes but they are also an important part of our lives and families. Every pet owner wants the best for […]

Icat : Cat House from an Old Mac

By Neodim

If your cat is a geek, then you may have found what you must upcycle for him !

Diy: Cat Scratching Post

By Neokentin

Last year we adopted a little white cat who turned up mangy and flea-bitten on our door step. I decided to make her a scratching post as I knew it […]

Cat House Made from Habitat Restore

By Neokentin

A stray cat took up residence at the house, but had to stay outside as he didn’t get along with the cats we have, so he needed a place to […]

The Plastic Art Of Luke O’donnell

By Neokentin

Luke O’Donnell is an artist working in dissolved plastics and plastic chip mosaics. With a broad series of themes including beautiful plants and cats, his aim is to halt the […]

Poetic Scrapgirl

By Neokentin

Here is the fine work of a young scrap iron welder, working hardly in the south of France…

Fabric Scrap Pet Rug

By Neokentin

I was throwing out old shirts & realized I needed a new rug for my dog, Coco. I decided to make a rug to match the new colors in my […]

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