Upcycled Rain Gutter Shelf Stores Kitties / Chats De Gouttières

We built this Upcycled Rain Gutter initially as a sun-drenched place to put our plants during the winter. However, we’ve found that it makes an excellent place to store those extra kitties (haha – you know how kittens are).

Use some Upcycled Rain Gutter to create a planter box or a rustic, industrial shelf for your indoor spaces.

We started with a piece of recovered gutter to create our shelf. Just hang the gutter on the wall, and put a flat board on the top for shelf surface. If you use this as a planter, you’ll have to plug the pipe retain the potting soil/water.

Nous avons réalisé cette étagère avec une gouttière récupérée nous avons l’intention d’y poser nos plantes cet hiver. C’est vraiment très simple il suffit d’accrocher la gouttière à votre mur et de poser une planchette pour poser des objets dessus . Il faut boucher le tuyau si vous mettez des plantes.

Upcycled Rain Gutter is used as a shelf in the kitchen to store plants for the winter, but our kittens have taken a big liking to the shelf.
Upcycle gutter – we used metal and had planned on using it as a shelf to store our winter plants indoors. However, we found that our kittens found the sun-washed area the perfect place to catch some sun and supervise their people.
This Upcycled Rain Gutter can be used as a planter as well. Just be sure to plug the bottom drain first.
Nothing better than kitty rumps getting comfy in the sunshine. <3

Upcycled Rain Gutter Shelf Stores Kitties / Chats De Gouttières 3 • Recycling Metal


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