Diy Yarn-mache Pet Igloo For Dogs & Cats!

Use up those old skeins and balls of yarn and transform them into an adorable Yarn-Mache Pet Igloo for cats or dogs! Skip the chemical-laden commercial glues and use a DIY homemade recipe instead! The process is a bit of a mess but perfect for those chilly days indoors with the family. You need basic supplies, and it’s okay to use something a little different than I do. Just wing it and have a memorable day with the kids!

Build a DIY Yarn-Mache Pet Igloo with commonplace supplies:

  • DIY homemade glue
  • A large ring to use as a base form. If you don’t have a metal ring, cut some cardboard and form it. Tape it together for the base.
  • Masking tape
  • Plastic wrap
  • Large balloon
  • Lots of yarn
  • Plastic or lots of newspaper to use for a dropcloth
  • Plastic trays or large pieces of cardboard to form the bottom support

I do not think need further explanation, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask! ;) Let me know if you also try to do something with this technique and show me your creations! <3 We’ve also got ideas for a convertible pallet dog house too!

Make a Yarn-Mache Pet Igloo with homemade DIY glue and old yarn!
Make a homemade, non-toxic glue and have fun reliving your childhood with a paper-mache-style project using yarn!
Yarn-Mache Pet Igloo can be made to any size you want. When dry, you can apply more "yarn-mache" along the edges for a smoother finish if you chose.
Make the pet igloo any size you need! When dry, you can apply more “yarn-mache” along the edges for a smoother finish if you choose.
Build a Yarn-Mache Pet Igloo that your pets will love and is interesting to look at!
Build a fun place for kitty or rover to snuggle into that’s also fun to look at!


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Gael Porter

Mandy Carwardine I’m guessing you have some spare yarn hanging around

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