How to Make Pet Toys from Recycled Materials

Not only are pets these great creatures that inhabit our homes but they are also an important part of our lives and families. Every pet owner wants the best for their pet, therefore they do their best to provide them with the right care, tenderness and love. One of the things that are natural for cats and dogs is the fact that they love to play. And of course, it’s always nicer to have different toys to play with. However, pet toys can sometimes be quire costly, especially when considering the fact that they are easy to damage by your pet. This means that you might have to buy new ones every once in a while, which would perhaps go over the budget at one point. The good news is that there is another option – to make the toys yourself, by reusing old materials you have around the house. This is a great idea for a few reasons: it saves you money, allows you to put unneeded stuff back in use, which is also in favor of the environment, and unlocks your creativity. Great idea, isn’t it? Here are some suggestions and tips on how to make you own pet toys from recycled materials.

The Noisy Toy
Does your dog like creaky noises? If so, then this might be the perfect toy for him. The noisy toy is a super easy to make DIY idea that most dogs enjoy. For the project, you need a plastic bottle and an old T-shirt. Cut a few stripes from the T-ship that you will need later. Then wrap the bottle up, making sure there is no excess fabric hanging out. Use the stripes to tighten up the toy in a few place, so that it is more stable. In case you have a little puppy, you can use a small bottle and a long sock, which is an even easier solution. This toy is a lovely option for two reasons: it allows your dog to play freely and keeps your place clean at the same time, since the bottle is not being torn in small pieces that end up all over the place.

The Fetch Toy
Dogs like to fetch. It’s in their blood. So, a great home-made toy that you can make easily and surprise your dog is a fetch toy made from a tennis ball and a sock. Use a cutter to make two slits on either side of the tennis ball. Then thread the rope through the slits and knot it to use as a handle. Another interesting fetching toy you can make using a tennis ball is to make only one cut and put a jingle bell inside of it. Then sew the slit with a strong thread and needle, place the ball in a sock and knot it. Make sure you use a clean sock. And here you have two great ideas for cool fetch toys that you can make in minutes. It’s time to play!

The Hunt Toy
Cats have a strong prey drive, which makes them love to hunt. Make a great toy for your cat in a few simple steps, using simple materials that you have at home. Use an old T-shirt and cut one strip from it. All you need is a stick from the garden or the park, a string and an object to use as a prey. You can use basically anything that can be attached to the stick, such as a small toy or a ball. Make a whole in the toy and thread the string through it. Knot to the stick and you’re ready to start the game. Make sure you keep the toy clean by washing it every once in a while.


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Maybe not only for pets? Maybe for children too :) 100% recycled

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