Recycled Clocks

By Cheryl Scott

I make clocks from recycled materials. I use metals (especially rusty), computers, household items, old radios, old clocks, toys and anything else that might ask to be included.

Old Fan Wall Clock

By Neokentin

Love it! An old fan upcycled into a stylish wall clock!

Fall Clocks

By twentypence

Enjoy the colors of Fall all year round with these elegant wall clocks. Featuring reclaimed wood faces, custom leaf hands and mini quartz sweeping movements.

Recycled Bike Wheel Clock

By Matenak

The rim of one of my bike could not be used anymore so instead of putting it into the bin I decided to put it on the wall in my […]

Recycled Computer Motherboard into Clock

By Neokentin

This clock is made from a recycled computer motherboard electronic card, wood frame, chain and rusty metals.

Recycled Paper Wall Clock

By Neokentin

This bright and colorful wall clocks is eco-friendly and each one is one of a kind and really soothes my soul and relaxes me. Each clock is custom made and […]

Industrial Lamps and Clocks

By Neokentin

These lamps and clock’s are made mostly from recycled machine parts. They are made up from parts such as pressure gauges, drive gears/pulleys, gate valves, water meters, regulators and brought […]

Urban Veggie Clock

By UrbanVeggie

I am a registered nurse by day, and a contemporary mixed media artist by night that has recently started a new line called “Urban Veggie”. Throughout my work I place […]

L’horloge Cargo

By Neokentin

My clocks are made from a recycled 200 liters metal barrel and an assembly of recycled metal pieces and riveted together. Mes horloges “bidons” ne le sont pas tant que […]

Pinball Stepper Unit Upcycled Wall Clock

By Neokentin

This wall clock is made from a vintage Pinball Gambling electromechanical machine. Made from a stepper unit inside a Pinball machine. Stepper units act as counters in electromechanical pinball machines […]

Stove Hob Recycled into Desk Clock

By Neokentin

An old rusty stove Hob, taken from the Dump, reborn as a stilish Desk Clock. HomeMadeItalia, the idea of creating watches by reworking and transforming objects, decontextualising, became possible with […]

From An Old Stove Grate To A Desk Clock

By Neokentin

Upcycling of an old beautiful piece of junk, transformed in a stylish Desk Clock.

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