Creative Uses For Old Leather Belts

Each year, the season change is a right time to renew our wardrobe by removing from our closet junk and old clothes and accessories saving space and time (especially in the morning when we’re always hurry).
If after a huge cleaning in your closet you have found old belts that you no longer wear, see some easy, fast and cheap ideas to re-use them and make creative decor for your home giving a personal touch to your space.

  1. Use glue or silicone gun and put a belt around an ordinary clock,
  2. Use glue or silicone gun and put a belt around a can and make a fantastic vase,
  3. Cut the buckle and fasten the belt on the wall, creating a magazine rug,
  4. Cut the buckles and fasten 2 belts on the wall and using a branch make a towel hanger for your bathroom.


765abaf7d8fb335f64111895fbda4857 Found on ohohblog.co1


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Great ideas for leather belts! You could also weave your old belts into a new creation like one of these:

Good post

Jennifer Adil-Smith

Netty, saw this and thought of you. ?

Netty Sopata


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