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Clocks Made from Bottle Caps

By Neokentin

This clock was made from a 12 x 12 piece of cardboard that came in a glass tile box. We used the left over tiles to make a “frame” then […]

Ipod Hard Drive Turned Into Tiny Clock

By Neokentin

Recycling of hard drives into clocks is an upcycling- classic. Here a 30GB iPOD hard drive and a broken watch were used. I guess it’s the smallest hard drive clock […]


By Neokentin

Taking a bit of alarm clock and cover the pot, a necklace and clip … car paint and adding a mesh from a bottle of Champagne … a large number […]

Recycled Computer Hard Drive Into Desk Clock

By Neokentin

Old computer hard drive recycled into a sleek stylish desk clock!

Recycled Cd Clocks

By Neokentin

Our clocks are made out of recycled CDs, some of which are reused to make clocks with designs from artists around the world. The rest of the CDs are ground […]

Telephone Clock

By Neokentin

Funny idea to reuse an old school telephone by Jonas Design ! ++ via Recyclart Flickr Pool !

Clock Table

By Neokentin

A candle holder, a fan cover and a clock and you have a clock table !

Old Button Clock

By Neokentin

All you need are some old buttons, a newspaper, a clock mechanism, vinyl and tiny chains.

Clock Art

By Neokentin

All clocks are made by Peter Petrinec from upcycled objects. ++ Contact : panpetrikp ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com

Vinyls Upcycled Into Clocks By Pavel Sidorenko

By Neodim

Pavel Sidorenko is an Estonian designer. We were amazed by the precision of his hand made vinyl clocks! Beautiful and very creative (many other designs following the link).

Perpetual Necklaces

By Neodim

An absolutely timeless piece with these upcycled necklaces made from the numbers of a vintage flip clock. ++ Seen here for 22$

Turntable Clock

By Neodim

How to transform an old turntable into a wall clock!

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