Cardboard Turtle Clock

By Loisirette

Recycled background found in cardboard packaging to maintain the new equipment during transport. I decorated the shell with drawings and on the legs I took the hollow surface. I added […]

Handmade Clocks From Old Wooden Planks


Hand made wall clocks can decorate any home and in almost all areas: living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom while giving personality to each of them . Old wooden planks […]

It’s about Time

By Neokentin

IT’S ABOUT TIME is an amalgamation of a few materials that we like to work with. First, and foremost, we do recycled license plate art. Secondarily, we have a small […]

Time Stopping

By Neokentin

Just kidding, it doesn’t matter that a clock is made out of bicycle brake disc, it still won’t stop time!

Dominoes Clock

By Neodim

Just a great idea to use some old dominoes & wood to make an original clock.

Kitchen Strainer Clock

By Neokentin

Wall clock built with an old kitchen strainer !

Creation Of Elías Cuadrado: Upcycled Art Made With Car Pieces

By Neokentin

The Online Art Gallery Gaumond Art, exhibits the unique furniture made with car pieces. Incredible designs, unique pieces for selective halls, restaurants, hotels, expositions, social affairs, international conferences, etc. Made […]

Handmade Recycled Vinyl Art

By Neokentin

My name is Tyler Garcia from Moscow, Idaho. I made handmade vinyl record art by hand-cutting designs out of vinyl records and making clocks out of them. My link to […]

Diy: How to Make Clocks from Recycled Materials


It’s DIY time…to make some fantastic clocks from recycled materials. The clock of the second photo is available for paralanges infinite, since it consists of 12 frames, which depending on […]

Vintage Framed Clock

By Neokentin

An old frame, block letters and a recycled clock mechanism….you have a vintage framed clock !

Diy: Tuna Can Clock

By Neokentin

Made out of an old tuna can (wash well!), a clock mechanism and some scrapbooking items (paper and ribbons).

Cuckoo Clock

By Neokentin

I always wanted a great cuckoo clock. But couldn’t find one to my taste. So I decided to make one myself. I used a napkin holder as base and used […]

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