by Silbernagel Angélique

Cutlery Holder

I created the Atelier Karteko 2 years ago in France. I recycle pallets, cardboards, Nespresso capsules, tissues, … in furniture, objects or jewelry. All these materials are derived from garbage collection centers or private donations.

I also retrieves PVC banners that I turned into bags, purses, placemats, … I work in partnership with printers which falls I get banners and limit waste.

I chose to present a lot of cutlery made ​​from reclaimed PVC banners.

There are four, all different. A cutlery measuring 20 cm x 8.5 cm.
You can store a knife, a fork and a napkin. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised by the originality of the object.
Waterproof, can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Each piece is unique and handmade.

Find this design and many others on Atelier Karteko website!


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The new website of Atelier Karteko is

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