Colorful Driftwood Sculptures

By Neodim

I create characters from driftwood picked up at the water’s edge during my walks and trips… More than just a piece of tree, driftwood, this lost wood, worn by water […]

Making Your Own Bookshelves

By Neodim

Bookshelves are not only decorative and flamboyant, they’re also a necessity for most home-owners. If you possess lots of books and are looking for somewhere to shelf  literary classics such as 50 Shades of Grey, then […]

Recycling Driftwood And What The Waves Drag To The Beaches

By Neodim

What is driftwood? One of the great pleasures of my weekend, whether the sun is shining or there is a thunderstorm coming, is taking mid-afternoon walks on the nearby beaches, […]

Driftwood Art in Hungary by Tamas Kanya

By tomtom69

Driftwood art from Budapest made by artist Tamas Kanya.

Handmade Driftwood Trees


The handmade trees Driftwood is the perfect choice if you do not like the usual plastic trees and looking for a more special decoration idea. Ideal for every decor such […]

Driftwood Lamp

By Neokentin

This modern lamp is made from driftwood.

Plastic Soup Art

By Neokentin

My name is Douwe de Keizer from A(rt) B(y) SEA Design and I design and produce all sorts of driftwood products and art. Besides the fact that this is a […]

Drifwood & Harbour Wreckage

By paulherail

Sculptures made from driftwood, old ropes and re-used rusty parts from boats.

Brighton Beach Art

By Neokentin

Some sculptures that I made from junk found on Brighton beach (driftwood, metal parts…).

Shaped by Nature: Driftwood Sculptures

By Neokentin

A set of driftwood sculptures. Shaped by nature, found and put together with epoxy glue and acrylic paint.

Driftwood Pattern Decoration

By Neokentin

Love this picture of a nice driftwood mosaic/pattern by Kathy Killip, interesting idea for a wall decoration!

Driftwood and Stones Art by Tamas Kanya

By Neokentin

Driftwood and stones art: Scorpion, Ant, Snake…made by Hungarian Artist Tamas Kanya.

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