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My Mushroom Lamp

By Neokentin

My mushroom lamp was made from a unique piece of driftwood and a lamp cable. By utilizing materials from nature and objects ready to be thrown away, I was able […]

Drfitwood Branch into Chandelier

By Neokentin

Scandinavian style DIY wooden branch lamp foto tutorial.

Tripod Driftwood Floor Lamp

By Neokentin

This floor lamp is created with driftwood branches found washed up on the shore. An almost free lamp! Branches are held together with screws, and cut to size. A socket […]

Handmade Mirrors from Upcycled Wood and Driftwood

By styleitchic.blogspot.com

For modern or classic style homes, handmade wooden mirrors from recycled wood and driftwood are a good idea to decorate with style in many variations. The original idea is simple […]

Driftwood Art by Vastri

By Neokentin

Dead wood from sea becoming decorative and usefull objects.

Driftwood Art by Jeff Uitto

By Neokentin

We just discovered the work of Jeff Uitto that uses driftwood and salvaged wood, and we fell in love with his work! Incredible sculptures and architectural realizations, a big thumb […]

Driftwood Accessories by Jennifer Vosteen

By Neokentin

At Recyclart, we love driftwood Art and so, we loved the creations of Jennifer ! We called it “Happiness Driftwood” ! :) Congratulations Jennifer, you win the 2nd prize of […]

Driftwood Chair

By Neokentin

I found this little chair in the garbage and put driftwood on it.

Handmade Clocks From Old Wooden Planks

By styleitchic.blogspot.com

Hand made wall clocks can decorate any home and in almost all areas: living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom while giving personality to each of them . Old wooden planks […]

Driftwood Sailingboat

By Neokentin

Sailingboat made from driftwood on the beach.

Wooden 3d Pictures by Anja Leko

By Neodim

We’ve really fallen in love with Anja Leko work. Her wooden pictures creations are really poetic !

Driftwood Candlesticks

By Neokentin

Made your own candlesticks out of driftwood.

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