Stylish Washing Machine Drum Armchair

Armchair characterized by the oscillatory movement along the horizontal axis (right-left). Designed and built by hand by using only recycled materials. The base is made from an upcycled drum of a washing machine in stainless steel; the original tilting system is achieved with three balls; the upper wooden structure lined with Sky nautical and padded with neoprene originally used for the insulation of the hydraulic lines.

Poltrona caratterizzata dal movimento oscillatorio lungo l’asse orizzontale (destra-sinistra). Disegnata e realizzata a mano dall’artista con materiali riciclati. La base ottenuta da un cestello di lavatrice in acciaio inox; l’originale sistema basculante ottenuto con 3 sfere; la struttura superiore in legno foderata con Sky nautico e imbottita con neoprene originariamente utilizzata per la coibentazione dei tubi idraulici.







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Jane Clark

I chuckle because perhaps it’s a vibrating chair? ;)

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