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From Cutlery To Bold Accessories

By KrasiiIvWonders

We have decided to be bold and give a second life to old stainless steel utensils. Some of them are shiny; some are vintage style, and some are with oxidized silver effect. The common thing about all of them is that they have been created with love and passion. Each one of our items is unique and can’t be done again.

Old Forks Into Necklaces

By Soikkeli

Old scratchy stainless forks don’t sound fascinating material.  I have made small carving knives and chisels from the handles… and some different kind of necklaces from the rest of it. […]

Hand-crank Wash Tub

By HeatherStiletto

There are many hand-crank washing tubs out there, but they cost money. Heck with that! I made my own Hand-Crank Wash Tub out of recycled and upcycled bits & pieces lying around my shed for FREE!

Hand-sculpted Fork Bracelet

By KrasiiIvWonders

With its superb hand sculpted curves and original design, this bracelet will make a great keepsake or special occasion present. It’s suitable for eco-friendly and environmentally friendly people. This fork […]

Diy: Beautiful Cutlery Hanging Rack

By Neokentin

As either a hall storage solution or a DIY kitchen hanging rack to hang your tea towels, this project is easy to do, budget friendly and instantly brightens up any room.

Recycled Kitchenware Sculptures

By Neokentin

Kitchenware recycled into little sculptures.

Recycled Flatware

By Neokentin

Hello, here are my new works realized from forks and spoons. The teeth of forks are sawed or twisted, and for spoons, I simply cut the handle and have it […]


By Neokentin

We “CG Recycled Art” a group workshop consisting of Cristina Pino and Gustavo Suasnábar. These pieces were made with everyday items: Knives, forks, spoons, trays.

Funky Forks Coat Rack

By Neodim

Three silver plated forks are bent with a special technique to give you a stylish coatrack which can be used to hang backpacks, towels, hats, etc.. Many different models available […]

Silverware Iphone Stand

By Neodim

This had to be made ! it’s available on Etsy–> Here

Old Fork As Candle Holder

By Neodim

Old fork reused into a candle holder!

Fork into Card Holder

By Neodim

These forks have been twisted and turned into card holders (mini fork easels). They’re perfect for holding recipes, business cards, place cards at a meal, photos, notes, ACEOs, etc. ++ […]

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