Funky Forks Coat Rack

Funky Forks Coat Rack 1 • Accessories
Funky Forks Coat Rack 2 • Accessories
Funky Forks Coat Rack 3 • Accessories

Three silver plated forks are bent with a special technique to give you a stylish coatrack which can be used to hang backpacks, towels, hats, etc.. Many different models available !

from 40$

++ here on Etsy

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Florent Bidois via Facebook
Florent Bidois via Facebook

Magnifique ! :D

Jana Teltschová via Facebook
Jana Teltschová via Facebook

perfektné !

Stefania Modugno via Facebook
Stefania Modugno via Facebook


Beth Chepote via Facebook
Beth Chepote via Facebook

What about coats?? Looks like the tines would put a hole in anything very heavy……. It IS pretty, though.


Simply Amazing!

Jutta Stanger

Wie sinnvoll kein putzen mehr von altem Silber

Philippe Arnaud

Ingénieux et design

Moisés Lourenço

Lorraine Zanutim

Jon Kelsey

Clever and cool

Paula Paws Malcolm

Love this idea! #upcycling :)

Raphaëlle Chavand

Didier Chavand tu pourras faire les trous??

Violette Ferreira

Raphaëlle Chavand ah ba j’allais t’identifier, un truc pareil c’est pour toi

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