Easy Ideas to Reuse Old Cd’s

By styleitchic.blogspot.com

We all have somewhere, forgotten in a drawer or cupboard, old and scratched cd’s which we fly every time we organize our music collection or collection of movies. Today I […]

Coca-cola Sign Made Out Of 2,000 Bottle Caps

By dmvalle13

This is one of my newest creations and the first to date made from something other than metal beer caps. It spans nearly 8 feet long and is made with […]

Lamp Made Out Of Picture Frames

By Ronja Lotte

Brighten up your cold days with this lamp made from picture frames. Glue four picture frames in the form of a square to each other and use a chain of […]

Reuse & Recycle Ordinary Items Into Decoration

By styleitchic.blogspot.com

Many times, trapped by the initial image of the objects and its specific use, they can be seen as “useless“. Today we will see five seemingly useless objects, from another […]

Ideas Of Decoration Made From Old Postcards

By styleitchic.blogspot.com

Postcards have been pushed aside by modern means of communication but do not cease to exude a special nostalgic style… And there are many ideas to use them creatively into […]

Work Sign


A cedar slab, ~WORK~ I spelled out using recycled items from everyday workplaces, hang it in your Man-Cave, at your workstation or anywhere you want to share it. It uses […]

Bicycle Frame Into Bike Rack

By Raitis

A while ago I decided to narrow down on the stuff I’m making and return to the things I know and have access to – that is bicycle parts. It […]

Old Window, New Decorative Frame

By Neodim

An idea to reuse an old window into an original and beautiful frame for your home décor.

Unique Modern Wall Art Frame From Upcycled Pallet Wood

By Shaped_Up_Woodenart_SebyLesty

It is a good way to make amazing wall deco with off cuts :). I used only pallets, and recycled timber from everywhere. I found the window frame and I made […]

Duclamp: Floor Lamp Made From Upcycled Ducati St4 Frame

By azbill

My friend sent me a Ducati ST4 frame and asked “What can you I do with it?”. I let the frame set on my office floor a few days pondering […]

Signs From Recycled Pallet Wood

By johng

These signs are made from recycled pallet wood.

Sapins Pour Une Vitrine De Magasin D’encadrement / Frame Corners Christmas Trees

By Loisirette

Christmas tree made with upcycled frame corners which are on display in the store. These angles are no longer followed and had to go to the trash. I stuck burlap […]

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