Picture Frames Made From Recycled Materials

By Neokentin

Frameworks Berlin makes an absolute one-of-a-kind frame at an extremely professional level. All frames are handmade from colorful and unique recycled wood found in Germany. Frames from new wood are […]

Diy : Paint Dipped Vintage Picture Frames

By Neodim

The best thing about this tutorial is that it brings the most ugly picture frames back to life. So if you find olf frames in the next flea market, maybe […]

Cardboard & Eggshells Frames

By Helena Andreasson

These frames are made off recycled cardboard and eggshells. Very fun to make and almost for free!

Diy Concrete Block Bedframe

By Neokentin

This is a great way to use cheap materials for high impact. Construction Tips from Improvised Life website. Use only enough blocks to place them exactly the footprint of the […]

Stretcher Prints – Recycled Bottle Wall Art

By Neokentin

Innovative Eco-company Co2nscience.com, based in Bradford, Yorkshire have created a totally unique wall art product that promises to showcase your photographs to dazzling effect. ‘Stretcher Prints’ are completely unlike all […]

Duvalin Frame

By Neokentin

Frame made with painted Duvalin (mexican frosty candy) container and its little spoon as connector!

Recycled Old Books

By Neokentin

Recycled art made out of old books by Finnish artist Katri Oikarinen. You can find Katri on Facebook (1st of March there will be an opening of the exhibition “decorating […]

Antique Cardboard Frame

By Neokentin

One day I had a dream: have a wonderful antique frame like the French Queen Marie-Antoinette … All this frame was made from cardboard (old and upcycled cardboard’s of course), […]

Pebble Art

By Neokentin

Realization of pictures by means of blending stones and natural stones hand-painted on recycled wooden bases.

Diy: Framework With Corks

By yonolotiraria

The only materials you’ll need are: wine corks and glue.

Upcycled Moss

By Neokentin

Frame inspired by nature.

Industrial Repurposing

By Neokentin

Finding beauty in industrial components that were not designed to be beautiful … but are. Using out-of-the-box juxtaposition techniques to force us to look at our industrial machine by-gone through […]

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