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February’s Finest Top 5 Ideas of 2018 That’ll Inspire You!

By HeatherStiletto

Hopefully, you’re not too buried under the wintery weather to begin a new project. After you dig out of the snow, try one of our Top 5 Ideas of 2018! […]

Upcycled Etched Glasses Made From Bottles

By Neokentin

We make drinking glasses and coffee mugs from wine bottles that we gather from local restaurants. Every glass is handmade, and hand etched. From geeky to the beach, we can do almost any design! The best part is, they are all top rack dishwasher safe, even the coffee mugs!

Funky Orange Globe Night Light Or Bedside Table Lamp

By Neokentin

Check out this unique ribbed glass night light I made from the base of an old lamp. Read on for more info!

Antique Glass Insulator Into Outdoor Solar Light

By Metal-Unicorn

Solar lights using an antique glass insulator, a recycled electrical conduit, and recycled machine shop drop. Or the leftovers for these I use what is left after they stamp out […]

Mason Jar Into Lantern

By Soikkeli

I have seen many different mason jar lanterns. I thought there must be one more way to make them. So, I cut the mason jar from the bottom part. I […]

Decorative Glass Bottle

By prakashdutt

Recycled art is a fun challenge. Recycling old junk not only benefits the environment, but it also breathes new life into old objects that were once destined for the landfill. […]

Fairy Bottle Lamps

By Burçin Uçak

These up-cycled lamps are made with recycled bottles & jars and old table legs with a different variation of height and shape. My lighting choice was fairy led lights to […]

Repurposed Sauce Bottle DIY

By Fancymomma

This glass sauce bottle will be worthy to be put on your mantle or on top of your chest of drawers or in your living room area in just a few steps.

Old Boots Reincarnation (Featuring Glass Bottle)

By Waldemar Sha

I loved those boots. But nothing lasts forever. Their time has come, and now they are a nice bottle (well at least some parts of them).

Metal Flower Stand For An Ornamental Marble

By Sammy9Fingers

I wanted to create something unusual for my wife’s Christmas gift this year (2015). I had a friend of mine, who makes incredibly beautiful ornamental glass sculptures, make a beautiful marble. With that marble in mind, I created the flower base out of some recycled sheet metal and auto parts. The result is a beautiful flower stand that holds and compliments the ornamental marble in captivating ways, with the help of a small color changing LED lamp, that captures the hidden beauties of the marble through the various colors of the glass.

Vintage Lamp From a Repurposed 1940’s Forman Percolator Coffee Pot

By Neokentin

What a great way to add light and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee to you space!

Easy Ideas to Recycled & Reuse Old Computer Parts

By styleitchic.blogspot.com

The technology advances with an incredible speed and clearly, one old computer will be forgotten in a warehouse or garage. You have two alternatives: to bring it in an appropriate container that have most electronics store for industrial recycling, or to the reuse it creatively, creating original decorative or even furniture with parts.

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