by Krista Iwer Allison

Upcycled Etched Glasses Made From Bottles

At Greenvine Glassworks, upcycling is a way of life with these Upcycled Etched Glasses from bottles.

We custom make our Upcycled Etched Glasses by hand to create unique products!

We gather empty bottles from restaurants, remove the labels and clean them. After we cut them (check out how to cut a glass bottle) to the height needed we use a 5 step grinding and smoothing process to add the perfect drinking curve on the rim. We hand-etch every glass or mug with a Dremel. We can add virtually any design and personalize it to our client’s desires. Additionally, we use stainless steel hardware when we turn bottles into coffee mugs. All glass can hold hot or cold drinks. Check out our Amazon Page!

hand-etched Upcycled Etched Glasses are created using a Dremel tool!
Turn bottles into unique works of art like these initialed glasses. Imagine these as wedding gifts, or housewarming gifts too!
Sugar and spice, and everything nice...or not so nice like this adorable coffee mug in an anti-pumpkin-spice theme!
Who needs pumpkin when you’re the spice? This coffee mug will tell the world the truth!
Sometimes words are more powerful than pictures, like this coffee & dog themed set of Upcycled Etched Glasses.
This mug speaks the truth. :D
Upcycled Etched Glasses can be turned into mugs too!
Warn them if this is true. Nothing easier than to have your morning warning right in your cup.
Upcycled Etched Glasses can be made in a myriad of patterns. This set is done in a pineapple theme.
After you make (or buy) these pineapple glasses, you only need a naughty – or nice – beverage in it!

Upcycled Etched Glasses Made From Bottles 6 • Recycled Glass

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