Upcycle Textiles into Furoshiki Purses: Using Knots & Folds

By sesemelatte

You can turn all kinds of old textiles from various items such as shawls, bedsheets, old dresses, and skirts etc. into Furoshiki purses. This is an ancient Japanese craft of […]

Crochet Purse Made from Pajama Pants & Kimono

By sekiworks

Funky colorful crochet purse made out of pajama pants, a kimono, and a mat cover!

Handmade Upcycled Tobacco Packaging Handbags

By SmokyPlexus

I collect tobacco bags and upcycle them into Tobacco Packaging Handbags. Every bag is unique and made from 40 to 60 tobacco bags. If you know people who use tobacco […]

Diy Video Tutorial: Upcycled Plastic Bottle Handbag!

By nerdykat

I decided to make myself this Plastic Bottle Handbag when I received an invitation to a party. I needed a new handbag but didn’t want to waste the money for […]

On Air Women Handbag from Repurposed Light Box

By UpcyclingBymilo

This cross body bag is using a real upcycled light box.

Upcycled Men’s Shirt Into Cute Handbag

By Neodim

I made this bag using one of my husband’s old shirts. I wanted a bag that was unique, not just using the fabric from the old shirt, but also the […]

Upcycled Leather Jacket-to-bag

By ashyaly

The most beautiful objects we own are those that have embedded personal stories and sentimental value. Repurposing your own jacket into a bag or accessory gives it a second life […]

Off-cut Leather Bags

By Neokentin

These bags are made from factory off-cut and rejected leather that may have otherwise been wasted, which is why each bag is unique in finish and colors. We hand pick […]

Crochet Sculptured Plarn Chicken Shoulder Bag

By Neokentin

I don’t use patterns as I prefer the work to be ‘original’…warts and all…and, frankly, I don’t have the patience for counting rows and stitches. Henny Poulet is OOAK…in more […]

From Fleemarket to Fun Handbag

By Neokentin

Handbag made from old hemorrhoids pillow.

Yama Wear the Music!

By Neokentin

YAMAtm : the original idea The first YAMAtm were sewn during a craft market at the Bilancino lake near Florence (Italy) using two 10” vinyl records and some leather. Slowly […]

How to Reuse a Skirt to Make a Purse

By Neokentin

This tutorial offers a super easy way to reuse an old skirt and create a brand new purse for yourself. The example is a cotton skirt, but this tutorial can […]

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