Diy Video Tutorial: Upcycled Plastic Bottle Handbag!

I decided to make myself this Plastic Bottle Handbag when I received an invitation to a party. I needed a new handbag but didn't want to waste the money for an item I would use only a couple of times. Instead, I created this fun, unique and budget-friendly purse and I'm so happy with it!

Make the perfect conversation piece: A fashion-forward Upcycled Plastic Bottle Handbag!

I made this bag out of 22-liter water bottles, a couple of old shirts, zipper, belt and snap buttons. I made full instructions and photos available here.

First, empty a 2-liter bottle and cut the tapered top and beveled bottom off so you're left with the center that is straight for this Upcycled Plastic Bottle Handbag.
Upcycle a 2-liter bottle into an adorable purse or handbag, and it's simpler than you think!
Upcycled Plastic Bottle Handbag can be customized with different materials to line, rhinestones, buckles and more.
This project is one of the examples of an upcycled plastic bottle bag.
You can even upcycle the zipper from another older piece of clothing or bag to make this Upcycled Plastic Bottle Handbag.
Upcycle an old zipper from a pocket or bag...or purchase one.
Use a sewing machine to add the material over the edges and to create a diamond pattern on the plastic for the sides of this Upcycled Plastic Bottle Handbag.
A sewing machine makes quick work of a diamond pattern.
Using a marker and a quilting grid, draw lines over the plastic and then stitch over to create the diamond pattern for your Upcycled Plastic Bottle Handbag.
Draw the lines on the plastic, and then stitch over them.
Hand-stitch the strap, sides, and more together using clamps and pliers for the Upcycled Plastic Bottle Handbag.
Use paperclips/clamps and pliers to hold the plastic, trim and other materials together while you hand stitch.
Make a reversible snap-in liner so that your Upcycled Plastic Bottle Handbag goes with two outfits.
With snaps, you can make a reversible liner so that your purse can go with two looks you have in your closet.
Take out the liner and use the Upcycled Plastic Bottle Handbag as-is.
With a removable liner, you can use this purse without any whatsoever, and it still looks beautiful.

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