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In Previous Life It Was a Sofa, Now It Is a Trendy Handbag!

By Neokentin

Originally handbag made from recycled fabric from a sofa. All our creations are unique and unrepeatable. Not believe?

Hardcover Book Purse

By Neokentin

Using the hardcover of a discarded book, make a purse by sewing a simple body, gluing it to the covers, adding a strap and closure. I recycle magnet closures from […]

Upcycled Seat Belt Handbags

By Neokentin

The new environment friendly and durable bag line `New Avenue`. All bags are made from old car and airplane safety belts.

Vinyl Record Handbags

By Neokentin

These handbags, made from 99% recycled materials, are like remnants from a lost Amazon tribe. Slashes of colour evoke the fun and danger of the exotic as vintage vinyl records […]

Numberplate Handbag

By Neokentin

Numberplate Handbag from South Africa.

Movie Banners

By Al Ha veDa

Israeli designer, Naomi Gerstein, uses old movie banners to make cool and quirky bags and other office products. ++ Abuyoyo + Al Ha veDa blog

Handbags from Waste

By Al Ha veDa

Ecoist handbags are made with candy wrappers, bottle lables, pull tabs, barcodes, and newspapers. ++ www.ecoist.com + Al Ha veDa blog (Heb.)

Diy: Book Handbag

By Neodim

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