How To Make An Orca Whale From A Recycled Plastic Bottle

By Neokentin

Hello DIY Crafts: How to Make a Orca Whale From a Plastic Bottle

Recycled Clothing Raccoon Noni

By TouchedbyLavender

Noni the raccoon was made by Seattle, WA artist TouchedbyLavender. Noni has a handmade wire pose able skeleton. The hands and face is made with Polymer clay. All of her […]

Hungarian Folk Art Motifs Painted On Stones

By Melinda Gaspar

I love the traditional Hungarian folk art motifs, so I wanted to paint them on the stones because I was curious to see how they look on them. First I have […]

Contour Lamp 2016 from Plastic Packaging & Fence Battens

By Neokentin

A unique freestanding lamp made in New Zealand from plastic packaging and fence battens by MADE-UP DESIGN NZ.

Upcycling Used Bike Innertubes Into Jewellery

By Neokentin

Used bicycle innertubes can be upcycled into functional items like jewellery, wallets, wristlets, key hides, chair and stool weavings, etcetera, and are also incorporated into visual arts. I chose to make jewellery from the innertubes I rescued from a curbside bin destined for a landfill. I was on a coffee run one evening, on garbage night, and saw a bunch of snakey-looking things dropping from a trash bin. Curious, I stopped and found it was a half dozen blown bicycle inner tubes. All kinds of creative ideas flashed through my mind in seconds. I just had to have those innertubes, so I took all of them. Though I create many one-of-a-kind pieces from salvaged discards, my love of working with these snakey, rubbery loops evolved from this serendipitous ‘find’.

Recycled Clothing Poseable Hamster

By TouchedbyLavender

Handmade recycled clothing art dolls by artist TouchedbyLavender. Follow me on Facebook to see upcoming adoptions!

Recycled Clothing Into Poseable Art Doll Ringtailed Lemur

By TouchedbyLavender

Poseable original creations made from recycled clothing. Artist: TouchedbyLavender.

Bidul’art French Recycling

By Neokentin

French local and recycled crafts, 100% handmade.

Piece Of Time: Jewels from Upcycled Watch Parts

By Neokentin

A piece of Time for each…

Steampunk Book: Tribute to Jules Verne

By Neokentin

Regarding the book, there is a “re-creation” the base is a book reuse enhanced with a binding “old style” and reworked interior cabinet with leather. It opens with a rotation […]

Dress From Shredded Paper Trash

By Neokentin

I didn’t like the amount of paper waste in the office I used to work at. One day I emptied all the paper shredders and took it home.

Robot Maker From Found Objects

By gille monte ruici

Paris-based artist, Gille Monte Ruici creates robot sculptures using found objects. Each robot is unique, handmade and comes from recycled material. Metal tins are assembling and become creatures with a […]

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